OEM Products

Always safe, sterile, and pristine. Always.

Reusable surgical devices become dull and deformed, drift out of calibration, and have high lifecycle costs. Contaminated instrumentation is a leading cause for infection.  Mainstream provides innovative single-use medical devices that replace surgical instruments that are ineffective as reusable devices.

Surgical Center Benefits:

Sterile from factory
No operating room downtime
Always accurate. No surprises.
Reduced operating and maintenance costs
Mainstream Single-Use OEM Products

Patient Benefits:

Enhances patient safety
Reduced anesthesia times
Reduced risk of implant failure
Lower overall patient costs

Autoclave Self Destruct®

Mainstream’s patent-pending Autoclave Self-Destruct® mechanism prevents re-sterilization for reuse in single-use devices. If inappropriately autoclaved, a device featuring Autoclave Self-Destruct® will become mechanically unusable and provide a visual indication that the device was autoclaved contrary to Mainstream’s Instructions for Use. This innovative technology can be applied to many devices.

Main-Knife® Shelf Carton

Main-Knife® Family of Single-Use Knives

Mainstream’s top-selling single-use surgical knives feature a bayonet bend for optimal line of sight and accessibility, a fully knurled handle for improved grip, and our innovative Autoclave Self-Destruct® mechanism. The knives are best used in annulotomy or diskectomy procedures.


Main-Knife® Original

Main-Knife® & Main-Knife® RIGID®

Main-Knife®, Mainstream’s top-selling retractable knife, is kept in stock and has a lead-time of 1-2 weeks. Mainstream also offers Main-Knife® RIGID®, which features a heavier gauge shaft that does not easily bend.

  • 451-05-193, Retractable Bayonet 193 mm (pictured)
  • 451-25-193, Retractable, Bayonet 193 mm, RIGID®, 21 mm blade
  • 451-05-xxx or 451-25-xxx, Retractable, Other lengths available. Contact Mainstream for availability.
Main-Knife® RIGID™

Main-Knife® NR & Main-Knife® RIGID® NR

Mainstream’s Main-Knife® NR is our nonretractable knife; Main-Knife® RIGID® NR has a heavier gauge shaft that does not easily bend. Both possess fully knurled handles with finger undulations for improved grip, and our innovative Autoclave Self-Destruct® mechanism.

  • 471-35-193, Bayonet 193 mm Nonretractable
  • 471-25-193, Bayonet 193 mm Nonretractable, RIGID® (pictured)
  • 471-25-xxx or 471-35-xxx, Nonretractable, Other lengths available. Contact Mainstream for availability.


Mainstream’s single-use reamer system features a unique handle which offers inexpensive IM Reaming in multiple diameters. Partners with common guide wires provided by Mainstream.

  • 313-41-xx2 (xx for Size), Ball End Reamer Tip with 2.55 mm Cannula
Main-Knife® RIGID™


Small wire cannulas are difficult to clean. Complex disassembly and cleaning are not necessary for Mainstream’s single-use sterile-packaged depth gauges and corresponding wires. Custom colors, labels, lengths, and diameters are available. These devices, as well as many others, can be kitted with Main-Pack®, Mainstream’s family of pre-validated packaging solutions.

  • 245-16-150 is shown for 1.6 mm x 150 mm Wire Depth Gauge

Tissue & Bone Delivery System

The Mainstream Delivery System consists of a 6 mm ID Cannula and a matching Expulsion Stylus used in combination for delivering tissue during surgery. Our 10 cc funnel accommodates most applications. The system is customizable and available in multiple lengths, and can be kitted alongside other accessories or packaged individually.

    • 239-xx-219 (xx for length), Delivery Cannula with Small Contoured Handle
    • 269-xx-219 (xx for length), Expulsion Stylus with Small Contoured Handle